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Track: UnknownDark Doo Wop
Artist: UnknownMS MR
Album: UnknownSecondhand Rapture
Played: 72 times


Dark Doo Wop // MS MR

If we’re gonna die, bury us alive
If they’re searching for us they’ll find us side by side
That’s my, that’s my man

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Track: UnknownPyro
Artist: UnknownKings Of Leon
Album: UnknownCome Around Sundown
Played: 157 times
Pyro - Kings Of Leon
1 week ago
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Track: UnknownRunning Up That Hill
Artist: UnknownPlacebo
Album: UnknownCovers
Played: 90 times

Running Up That Hill - Placebo

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Track: UnknownAviation High
Artist: UnknownSemi Precious Weapons
Album: UnknownAviation
Played: 369 times


230/365 days of music

our night is lit by the city moon
and i see myself reflect on you
aviation high | semi precious weapons

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Track: UnknownStaying Up
Artist: UnknownThe Neighbourhood
Album: UnknownI Love You
Played: 356 times


The Neighbourhood // Staying Up
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Track: UnknownAfraid
Artist: UnknownThe Neighbourhood
Album: UnknownI Love You.
Played: 456 times

Afraid - The Neighbourhood

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Track: UnknownBuy the Stars
Artist: UnknownMarina and the Diamonds
Album: UnknownElectra Heart
Played: 226 times


Buy The Stars - Marina and the Diamonds

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Track: UnknownTaking You There
Artist: UnknownBroods
Album: UnknownBroods - EP
Played: 196 times


Taking You There | Broods

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Track: UnknownW - O - E
Artist: UnknownLittle Comets
Album: UnknownLife Is Elsewhere
Played: 259 times


W-O-E | Little Comets

"You feel that everything around you is designed to make a symptom of hope,
the only way is woe.”

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Track: UnknownNever Gonna Change
Artist: UnknownBroods
Album: UnknownBroods - EP
Played: 154 times

Never Gonna Change - BROODS