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Track: UnknownStill
Artist: UnknownDaughter
Album: UnknownIf You Leave
Played: 45 times

Two feet standing on a principle
Two hands longing for each other’s warmth
Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats
Darkness falling, leaves nowhere to go

It’s spiraling down
Biting words like a wolf howling
Hate is spitting out each other’s mouths
But we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers

Still with feet touching
Still with eyes meeting
Still our hands match
Still with hearts beating

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Track: UnknownJungle
Artist: UnknownNONONO
Album: UnknownWe Are Only What We Feel
Played: 79 times


NONONO - Jungle

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Track: UnknownI'll Be Around
Artist: UnknownEmpire of the Sun
Album: UnknownIce On The Dune
Played: 299 times


Empire of the Sun | I’ll Be Around

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Track: UnknownWe Sink
Artist: UnknownCHVRCHES
Album: UnknownThe Bones Of What You Believe
Played: 94 times


I’ve come apart and you made me.

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Track: UnknownLove
Artist: UnknownDaughter
Album: UnknownThe Wild Youth
Played: 29 times

Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?

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Track: UnknownReflections
Artist: UnknownMisterWives
Album: UnknownReflections - EP
Played: 106 times
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Track: UnknownThe Exit
Artist: UnknownLydia
Album: UnknownDevil
Played: 3299 times

The Exit - Lydia
I know you’re all about the world and when it’s ending
And I know, yeah, ‘cause you whispered it right to me
Just where the hell were you?
I’ve just been sitting here counting ghosts
And you look scared again

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Track: UnknownHeart Skipped a Beat
Artist: UnknownThe xx
Album: Unknownxx (Bonus Track Version)
Played: 369 times
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Track: UnknownYou Won't Know
Artist: UnknownBrand New
Album: UnknownThe Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
Played: 16255 times

They say in heaven there’s no husbands and wives
On the day that I show up they’ll be completely
Out of their forgiveness supplies
And I can’t use the telephone
To tell you that I’m dead and gone
So you won’t know

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Track: UnknownAll I Want
Artist: UnknownKodaline
Album: UnknownIn a Perfect World
Played: 50363 times


All I want is nothing more than to hear you knocking at my door.  ’Cause if I can see your face once more, I could die a happy man for sure.